General parameters

Brand Hewitt Robins
Chassis: Wheels

Technical information

Performance  35-50m3/h
Fractions 0.00-0.90mm
Conveyor belts 2
Magnetic belt Available

Machinery description

Recycling debris is carried out with the help of mobile jaw crusher type Hewitt Robins. Performance of debris crusher is up to 35-50 m3/hour (depending on the material crushed, as well as the intensity of the transportation of debris and crushed stone removal). The crusher crushes materials such as reinforced concrete, concrete, bricks. The machine is equipped with two conveyor belts and a magnetic belt for the selection of iron objects. The resulting material is from 90 mm to 0.00 mm.

Price including VAT (21%):
Included in the price
  • Fuel
  • Operator
Available extra costs:
  • Transportation

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