General parameters

Weight 30t
Brand Volvo
Model EC 300
Chassis: Chain 800 мм

Technical information

Additional information Rapid clutch
Boom parameters
    Horizontal reach: 9,9m
    Digging depth: 6.8m

Machinery description

This excavator is used for a wide range of work. It can be used for dismantling of buildings and loading operations, as well as to work on the granite and dolomite quarries.

This machinery can dismantle wooden and brick buildings. The grab bucket is also used for loading of various materials, such as wood materials, fittings and so on. This chain excavator can be equipped with a manual bucket for loading of different bulk materials.

This excavator can be equipped with a hydraulic hammer is used for the separation, crushing and dividing of concrete structures and rocks into smaller pieces.

The machinery is used in demolition work on buildings. Typically, for this purpose chain excavators from 30 tons to 45 tons are used, equipped with powerful hydraulic shears from 2.20 tons to 3.30 tons. This machinery can dismantle brick, concrete, reinforced concrete, wooden and sometimes metal structures. Hydraulic shears are also used for crushing and processing of various reinforced concrete structures, such as reinforced concrete panels, columns, piles, mines, cells and so on.

Possible tooling /equipment

Order machinery by e-mail or by calling tel. 28233469, 67847343

Price including VAT (21%):
Included in the price
  • Fuel
  • Operator
Available extra costs:
  • Special equipment
  • Transportation

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