Terms of use for the website www.rsc.lv and the distance contract

The distance contract is concluded between the following parties:

Limited liability company “CleanR Verso”, registration No. 40203387162, legal address: Rīga, Vietalvas iela 5, LV-1009, hereafter CleanR Verso, represented on the basis of the Articles by its Chairman of the Board Aleksandrs Ugorenko , hereafter – Service Provider, on the one side, and

person (natural or legal) (hereafter – Client) that places an order in the RSC Noma website www.rsc.lv and that has confirmed that it has read and agrees to the terms of this Distance Contract, hereafter – Contract, on the other side.


General Terms.

The Distance Contract applies to all orders placed in the website www.rsc.lv.

The Distance Contract is concluded (comes into force) at the moment that the Client has filled out the Order form by pressing the button “SEND”.

The Client does not have the right to place an order in the website www.rsc.lv, unless the Client has read and agrees to the terms of the Distance Contract and the Construction Waste Container Lease Terms. If the Client places an order, it is assumed that the Customer has read the Distance Contract and the Construction Waste Container Lease Terms, and agrees to them without any objections or conditions.

The Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally amend and supplement the Distance Contract at any time and without notification. The Client, on placing the order, is subject to the terms of the Distance Contract that is in force at the moment of placing the order, therefore the Client should read the Distance Contract before placing each order.


Object of the Contract

The Service Provider provides Container Lease and other services – cleaning and removing snow, and bulk cargo (sand, gravel, broken rock, chips, soil, etc.) delivery and transport services, while the Client pledges to pay for the services provided according to the terms of this Contract.

All information about the essential characteristics of the Services can be found in the website www.rsc.lv. The price of the services, delivery and other costs are defined according to the pricelist available in www.rsc.lv and are shown on the invoice or on screen prior to making the payment.


Order Implementation and Payment

The Client can place orders at any time of the day, but the orders placed by the Client will be processed on business days from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. The Service Provider sends the Client a confirmation of the order by e-mail. If the Client does not receive a confirmation e-mail, the order has not been accepted.

Orders received on business days by 3.00 pm are processed on the same day, but orders received after 4.00 pm and on holidays are processed on the next business day.

The Client pays for the services by advance payment with bank transfer, by paying the Advance Invoice sent by the Service Provider electronically, which is an integral part of this distance contract. The Advance Invoice is prepared electronically and is valid without a signature.

The Client must pay the Advance Invoice within 3 (three) business days of receiving the Order confirmation and the Advance Invoice. When making the payment, the Client must indicated the Order number included in the advance invoice.

The service will be provided once the Client has paid the Advance Invoice. After the Advance Invoice is paid, a final invoice is sent to the Client electronically.

Prior to the end of the paid Service provision period, the Service Provider prepares and sends to the Client (by e-mail) an advance invoice for the following Service provision period. Once the Service Provider has received the payment for the following Service provision period, the Contract is automatically prolonged and the provision of the Service is continued.

The Service Provider may unilaterally (without notifying the Client) annul and cancel the order if the Client has not made the payment within 3 (three) business days of the day that the Advance Invoice was issued. If the implementation of the Order is impossible due to the fault of the Client or due to circumstances beyond the control of the Service Provider (the Client has indicated an incorrect address, the Client or recipient cannot be reached at the indicated address and it is impossible to contact the Client, the indicated address is inaccessible, etc.), then the money for the Service that was not provided will be refunded to the Client’s account from which the payment was made within 30 (thirty) days. The costs of delivery will not be refunded.

The Service Provider provides the service within the period of time selected by the Client. The Client agrees that in exceptional cases the provision of the Service may be delayed due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond the Service Provider’s control. In that case the Service Provider will immediately contact the Client and agree on a different delivery time.

Personal data processing and privacy policy

The Client, upon placing the Order and filling out the Order form, agrees to the Distance contract and grants the rights and consent to select, register, enter, collect, archive, use and in any way process the Client’s personal data for the purposes listed.

The Service Provider processes personal data for the following purposes:

1) Providing services:

– client identification;

– drafting and concluding contracts;

– ensuring/maintaining services (implementing contractual liabilities).

The Service Provider has the right to entrust and transfer the processing of personal data and the sending of commercial messages to its authorized data processor Maksekeskus AS, in compliance with the requirements of Latvian law regarding the protection of personal data and sending commercial communication.

The personal data provided by the Client will be provided only in the amount required in order to identify the Client, notify about the transaction, provide the service, issue accounting documents, refund overpaid amounts and money for services annulled by the Client, administer debt liabilities, and implement other liabilities arising from the Distance contract, as well as in order to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Processing Law and other legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

In order to store and process personal data the Service Provider will use organizational and technical measures that ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, modification, divulging or any other illegal processing.

The Service Provider will not divulge the personal data of the Client to third parties, with the exception of cases defined in the law of the Republic of Latvia and in the Distance contract.

By submitting a corresponding written request to the Service Provider, the Client has the right to review the Client’s personal data that is processed by the Service Provider, as well as the way in which that data is processed. The Client has the right to request the correction of incorrect, incomplete and inaccurate personal data, and to terminate the processing of their data if the data is processed in violation of the law or the Distance contract.

The Service Provider carries out communication with the Client through the use of the contact information provided by the Client (phone number, e-mail address, postal address, as well as using SMS messages from the service).


Right of withdrawal

A consumer who is a natural person may use the right of withdrawal defined in the Latvian Consumer Rights Protection Law, and withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days, cancelling the Order previously placed. The term for using the right of withdrawal ends on the 15th (fifteenth) day after concluding the Contract. If the end of this term falls on an official state holiday, the right of withdrawal may be used until the next business day following the end of the aforementioned term (inclusive).

The Client may not use the right of withdrawal in the cases defined in Clause 22 of the 20 May 2014 Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 255 “Regulations regarding distance contracts”, including if: the provision of the Service that was started prior to end of the right of withdrawal term has been completed, if the Client has clearly agreed and declared that he waives the right of withdrawal on the day that the Service Provision Contract has been completed.

The Service Provider, within 30 (thirty) days of receiving from the Client a notification of cancelling the Order (made in due time), will refund to the Client the money received to the Client’s account from which the original payment was made.


Other terms

This contract has been prepared electronically and is valid without a signature.

The Parties shall resolve any disputes in connection with the Contract through negotiation. If the Parties cannot agree, the dispute shall be resolved by the courts according to the procedure defined in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.


Service Provider data:

Limited liability company “CleanR Verso”

registration No. 40203387162

Account No.: LV37RIKO0002930339854

Legal address: Rīga, Vietalvas iela 5, LV-1009

Actual address adrese: Rīga, Vietalvas iela 5, LV-1009

Telephone: +371 29805880, +371 67130000

E-mail: rsc@rsc.lv