RSC Noma Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Latvia, which is engaged in:

  • Debris removal,
  • Transport of bulk cargo,
  • Rental of containers for debris,
  • Provision of services for rental of various types of tractor machinery and construction equipment.

High quality standards, tailor-made solutions, flexible service and environmental responsibility – these are the basic values of the company. They are reflected in our extensive range of products and services, in our work culture and in our attitude towards customers – oriented on long-term cooperation.

RSC Noma guarantees licensed sorting, recycling and re-use of environmentally friendly debris, while unrecyclable materials are registered and properly disposed of at an appropriate landfill. To conserve natural resources, RSC Noma uses the most up-to-date vehicles that ensure reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Cooperating with RSC noma, you will get a reliable partner, quality and efficient service, and a guarantee that we do not harm the environment

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